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Nonton The Spacewalker (2017) Subtitle Indonesia

The Spacewalker (2017)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 140 MinDilihat: 74 views
209 voting, rata-rata 7,1 dari 10

Nonton The Spacewalker (2017) Subtitle Indonesia – March 1965. In the heat of the Cold War, the USA and the USSR are competing for supremacy in space. What both superpowers aim for in this race, is to be the first to have a man walk in outer space. To accomplish that, no price is too high and no risk is too great. Now it’s up to the unlikely duo of a seasoned war veteran and a hot-headed test-pilot to fulfill this mission. Two men in a tiny spaceship, without proper testing, facing the complete unknown. They were supposed to do what no man has done before—and no man imagined what would happen next.

Tagline:So far from home, so close to disaster
Anggaran:$ 7.075.038,00
Pendapatan:$ 9.868.942,00