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Nonton Tazza: One Eyed Jack (2019) Subtitle Indonesia

Tazza: One Eyed Jack (2019)

Genre: Crime, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 139 MinDilihat: 58 views
11 voting, rata-rata 7,1 dari 10

Nonton Tazza: One Eyed Jack (2019) Subtitle Indonesia  – Il-chul is one top of his game when it comes to playing poker. One day, he goes after one big score and takes out loans but loses everything and ends up with a massive debt. He’s about to lose his hand for not being able to pay back the debt and barely saves become a poker shark himself, Il-chul begs ‘One-eyed’ to teach him everything he knows and joins ‘One-eyed’ team.

Pendapatan:$ 15.704.187,00